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A short summary of your project

Up The Ante have been exploring and developing our collaborative process through a series of workshops. We would like to be able to work with new people, bringing them up to speed quickly on why we work the way we do and how we do it. We would like to make our work more accessible to community groups, minority groups, and to work with non-actors and students or early-careers artists. 

Who are you?

We are a contemporary performance collective from South West England. Compelled to do things differently, we make playful and refreshing work using collaborative approaches. We make work as a group, with everyone contributing creative ideas. So far we've played with our audience in street theatre, used lots of physical theatre, composed music, and explored crossing the celluloid divide using three projectors and clever green screen.

Your story

We are encouraging a supportive, free-flowing creative process, alternative to many traditional structures, as well as the development of more contemporary work. The workshops themselves will also have the potential to go further afield, or even tour with us on any shows in the future around the country. We are looking to encourage the development of a theatre community. We want to ignite our imaginations and engage passions!

Where will the money go?

We will use the time to further develop our understanding of what our best practice is, and to roll out a series of future workshops which will allow us to open our process to engage more artists, and provide us with the opportunity for the financial sustainability to continue the work. We will also be expanding our outcomes into a virtual scrapbook and several blog posts inviting in a wider audience to understand what we do and how we do it, enriching the experience of the audience and communities where we perform.


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