Winter Woodland Wellness: Final Year Event Project

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Completion Date: Fri 17 Jan 2020
We are four students in our final year raising money to organise an event for our last assessment.

A short summary of your project

Join us at our Winter Woodland Wellness escape for a morning of nourishing yoga; working with the yin energy of winter to revitalize and replenish your body and mind. As we venture into the new year, this January refresh retreat is the perfect way to crown your yearly detox efforts and start the year with a fresh outlook. 

Our aim is to help re-balance your body, mind and spirit by nurturing you with a blend of dynamic and restorative yoga, mindfulness meditation and delicious natural treats; all whilst being deeply immersed in nature. Our retreat gives you full permission to relax, be present and put yourself first. Enjoy being away from the pressures of work, relationships and social media by engaging` in our digital detoxification and absorbing the surrounding nature. 

The day will include:

  • An immersive meditation experience designed to bring you back to centre and calm your mind
  • A dynamic vinyasa flow to awaken the body and energise the senses. Our teacher Chloe will guide you through a series of active yoga poses to build up heat in the body
  • A comfort break to soak up the beauty of the natural surroundings of the enchanted serene forest and savour our range of delectable healthy snacks and delights.
  • A yin yoga class taught by our teacher Jessie. Focused on slow gentle restorative poses to relax your muscles and find stillness of the mind and body
  • A goodie bag full of treats for you to take away and enjoy at home

Who are you?

We are four students studying Business and Management in our final year, after returning from a Professional Placement Year.  For our final assessment in our Festivals and Events module we need to create and organise our own event by the beginning of February.  

Your story

Before being on placement last year the four of us worked previously in a group for the same module at level 5. We pitched the idea for a fitness festival in Bath, based around the promotion of living a healthy lifestyle through exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. We took inspiration from the work we did and chose a yoga retreat as the event we would organise this year.

As it is our final year at University we want to put on an event that is professional and successful. We are all aiming for firsts and also believe the idea has the potential to progress in the future to a fully proposed business model. Health and fitness is something we are all passionate about and would love to share this with other individuals who would love to take part.

We want to incorporate all aspects of health by including mindfulness meditation and a digital detox that will positively benefit people who experience stress in everyday life. Money raised will encourage this positive experience for attendees

Where will the money go?

To organise the event we need to raise or put in our own money, we are asking for donations to cover the costs that organising an event like this entails. Below is a breakdown of what the costs we are looking at is.

  • Venue hire £250
  • Drinks and food £100
  • Yoga instructor hire 2x £100


  • We value all donations and in return we will send a complimentary pack of e-cards containing information and advice around yoga and nutrition 

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