Vulcan (A Short Film)

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Nothing hits harder than life outside the ring.


We are raising funds to make a local film in the writer/director's home city, Hull. They say you can never go home again and that is somewhat true but our goal is to go home and film something incredibly special for an audience to fall in love with. Rikki is extremely proud of her roots and background, born and raised in a city that challenges. This is her first short film.


Rikki Lea (Writer/Director)

Rikki is a current Scriptwriting postgraduate student at Bath Spa University. A keen storyteller since primary school but only now taking it more seriously and writing realistic stories with less dragons. Vulcan will be her directorial debut.

Mark Tristan Eccles (First AD)

Film is in Mark's blood - his mum was in plays, theatre and film, and she is still doing it! He has produced and First AD'd feature films in the UK and USA, with a few more currently in production. He initially trained at National Youth Theatre, but has acted in films and TV for many years including being selected by the director himself to play Mr Corrigan in Foyle's War.

THE story

This short film, Vulcan, is set in the heart of a neighbourhood community that is still creating space for all people to go and be themselves. A story that defines the art of boxing, it will explore one character's choice to reject the expectations placed upon them and choose their own path, even if it leads to a father's bitter disappointment. Having a dad as the city's best known boxer comes with it's own pressures and anticipations, Jay never wanted to step in the ring and that in itself has led to a difficult relationship between the father and son. If he had chosen another sport that would have been acceptable, but Jay isn't interested in playing any sport. He wants to create and draw art pieces inspired by the people around him. This is too hard for Mark, Jay's dad to accept, he continues to push and push and push, until Jay finally pushes back.

Where will the money go?

  • This will help us pay for a professional production
  • Hire of equipment
  • Location costs
  • Hire of props and costume from the period
  • Travel and Catering Cost (tis be reet expensive)
  • Actors & crew fees
  • The Hull Shabang!!!!
  • If we reach our target and beyond, the money will go straight back into the community.

The Rewards

  • So many good things!!!!

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  • This is so important to us as we are keen to tell a kind of story about the other side of sport, though it can bring great accolade to anyone who participates in it, it can also bring some sadness to those who do not. It is especially important for us to encourage those who have a dream that is different from those of their parents to keep pursuing it and never stop chasing even if you think there's no chance. There is always a chance.

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