Tonal Tides: a Circular Fashion Collection

A project by: Catherine Archer



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A circular design capsule collection. Gender neutral, versatile, coloured and grown by nature.


I've designed a low-impact circular fashion collection, created to be functional and sophisticated for all genders and a range of sizes. The ethos of this collection is that all I take from the Earth must be given back as a form of food, not poison. I want to show how sustainability is bold, bright and can make a statement.

All of the money raised will fund materials for this collection. I hope you believe in my vision in order to bring it to life!

my name is catherine archer

I consider myself a global citizen, despite having grown up in Mexico and having an English heritage. I believe we all have a part to play in the unjust fashion system. I take action for sustainable fashion with my blog here and TEDx talk here.

Currently in my final year of BA (Hons) Fashion Design, I realise I am in a privileged position to be able to do what I do and am very grateful for it. I am beyond passionate about this accessible sustainable capsule collection, which I have been working on tirelessly, and am so eager to share with you.

my story 

My story starts before me, as the mood for my collection began with my parents' stories of sailing the world together. I wanted to create something beautiful to look at and functional to wear, considering the impact of the materials from 'birth' to 'death'. 

I have adopted a circular design approach by using fully biodegradable and recyclable materials. My fabric choices are all natural (wool, organic hemp, organic cotton and silk) and the fastenings are widely recyclable, easily removable brass metal. I am collaborating with an independent material designer who has developed an algae-based bio-polymer to replace the use of leather or pvc. I have taught myself how to naturally dye fabric and pattern cut for little waste. As the collection is unisex and offers a size range, my hope is for the garments to be long-lasting and for the consumer to grow with the item over time.

how your support will help me

Any and all amount of money you're willing to gift to me will be an invaluable help. Your contributions will facilitate the realisation of the collection which until now has been entirely self-funded. My aim is to exhibit Tonal Tides at Graduate Fashion Week 2020 to broaden the conversation towards a better fashion future.

Here is a breakdown of estimate costs:

  • Fabric:
  •    Wool felt (5 metres): £180
  •     Hemp canvas (10 metres): £250
  •     Hemp/silk (4 metres): £80
  •     Silk jersey (2 metres): £50
  •     Algae biopolymer: (35 sheets)  £160
  • Bias binding (70 metres): £50
  • Natural dyestuffs £100
  • Poppers and eyelets £50
  • Laser cut buckles £20
  • Hemp rope £15
  • Accessories £20
  • Packaging and postage £30
  • Organic cotton thread £45

Rough total of £1050


As a thank you for your kindness I want to reward you according to the amount given. Please check out the rewards!

where to Find me...

The next few weeks will be extremely productive, as I will be sampling, buying fabrics and trimmings, dyeing them, cutting pattern pieces out, and sewing it all together! We have our Graduate Fashion Week panel coming up in under a month (to shortlist collections for the catwalk), so very exciting. I'd love to share this process with you, so please follow me on Instagram to find out what I'm up to @readyseteco! Send me a message stating you've donated and I will add you to my 'Close Friends' list, in order to share all the daily detailed updates that only the few of you will get to see! If you don't have Instagram I can send you an updated video of the progress. You can also contact me via email at


You don't have to donate at all to help this crowdfunder succeed, I'd be really grateful if you shared it! Please share with whoever you feel would resonate with the collection or benefit from my process in any way.

However, this is a crowdfunder after all so please, if you are able, any and all donations (from £1!) will really help this collection succeed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Catherine

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