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The Fish Cage finally arrives this Autumn - and we need your help!

Connor is a nineteen year-old introvert, obsessed with comic books and super-heroes. He’s at his happiest when he’s alone with his own thoughts. Except... for the next three days, he’s not. In a world where criminals store their consciousnesses in others to evade capture, Connor now finds himself with an eccentric, charismatic and quite possibly homicidal newcomer in his head, and a fight for control begins. The Fish Cage is a thrilling, funny and intense look into how a family’s loyalties shift when control starts to slip away. Because when you share a mind with someone, nothing stays hidden for long…

The Fish Cage is a piece of contemporary new writing, with a sci-fi edge, exploring themes of heroism and toxic masculinity.

Who are we?

Greedy Pig Theatre Company was formed in 2018, by emerging theatre-makers Lex Kaby & Douglas Murdoch, with the aim to produce theatre that experiments with form to discuss gender. Our first project, Life, Still opened at SparkFest Bath for a near-sellout run (4 stars - TheatreLab, 2019). Through lockdown, we produced Close Your Eyes, I’m Filming, an hour-long film that tackled themes of social media obsession, created entirely remotely. Close Your Eyes, I'm Filming received a 5 stars review from Confessions of a 5’2 Actress and was described as “A testament to the durability, productivity and creativity of the arts during lockdown” - Reviewer Number 9, 2020. We then began creating Be., tackling discussions of gender identity, and the filmed series The Last Thing He Saw Was A Ferret Be. has recently received Arts Council England funding and will be produced in early 2022.

The Fish Cage sees the expansion of Greedy Pig's team to introduce a freelance creative producer, Holly Jefferies, as a co-producer on the project. Confirmed cast include Patrick Withey, Lorna Durham, Njeko Katebe and Tiffany Rhodes.

Where will the money go?

The Fish Cage has received the Showcase Enterprise Fund from the Bath Spa University Scholarship Department. This means that for every £1 we raise in our crowfunder (up until £600) it will be doubled by the university, therefore a donation of £5 earns us £10 towards our show! Your donations mean the world to us and will be going primarily towards the following areas:

  • Payment - We firmly believe that all cast and creatives should be paid for their time and talents therefore the majority of our crowdfunded money will go towards increasing the payment of our team to further support early career creatives.
  • Set and Wardrobe - Your donations will also go towards making our set dressing and costumes the best they can be to totally immerse our audience in the world of The Fish Cage.
  • Travel and Food - As our rehearsals will be taking place in person, we will be providing a travel and food allowance to all of the cast and crew. Not all of our team are local, so this will make the show more financially viable.


We are incredibly grateful for any donations we receive, regardless of the amount! Please check out our rewards section to see how we can thank you for your support.

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