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Six Characters In Search Of An Author
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After the success of Punk Rock and Our Country's Good , we are currently planning a production of Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author.

To give you a taste, here is a short plot summary:

“The man, the writer, the instrument of the creation will die, but his creation does not die.”

Amidst the chaos of the rehearsal room, six characters appear unannounced in search of an author to complete their tale. Abandoned by their creator, the six figures find themselves trapped within a tragedy from which they long to escape; only acting the scenes that were written for them can release them from their turmoil. One way or another, their devastating story must be told.

You can find out more by following our Facebook page for Six Characters in Search of an Author :

The majority of raised funds will go towards the marketing and promotion of our performance. We want to show as many people as possible what our members have spent so long and hard working on. As well as this, funds raised over the minimum will go towards creating more possibilities for our members to work on and create their own ideas.

Who are we?

Founded in 2015, we have gone on to win Bath Spa New Society of the Year and Bath Spa Society of the Year.

Society projects are run by us, the committee, with the support of our society members.

Our production of Six Characters in Search of an Author is directed by our very own Millie Thurley.

A special mention goes to the Mission Theater, who have played host to our productions of Punk Rock and Our Country's Good.

Our story

We give students the possibility to get involved with the cultural environment of Bath. Our production of Six Characters in Search of an Author at the Mission Theatre is a showcase of the university's creativity, as well as being a platform for members to excel on and off stage.

Offering our members a friendly and creative environment outside of assignements and lectures is our focus. As a donor, you will be encouraging this same creativity by helping us promote amateur theatre in Bath and improve the quality and reach of our production throughout the community of Bath.

In the future, we would also love to expand our role as a creative body for students to come to for support. We currently do this in form of our platform evenings, where students can pitch their scripts or adaptations to us and we help them make their ideas a reality.

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Apart from donating, there are many other ways you can help us reach our goal.

Tell everyone, share the fundraiser on social media, send a link along with your good night text, wear it on a T-Shirt. We are really are greatful for every pound donated and every word you spread.

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The Bath Spa University Theatre Society

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