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Empowering the South West


The objective with this project is to present the South West of England with young (predominantly) female creativity in a new and contemporary way and replicate the successes of similar projects currently being undertaken throughout London and the South East. The project aims to showcase young, up and coming artists between the ages of 16-21 and encourage curating, exhibiting, invigilating etc. This exhibition will be held for one week, with an opening that will host friends, family and influencers, where short films, performance poetry and DJs will feature alongside the launch of a new local clothing brand that we are partnering with.


The goal with this is to introduce young creatives to the public of the South West and Bristol where in smaller towns such as Bradford-on-Avon and Trowbridge there is not so much access to such forums to the same visibility and profile. It will encourage sales for the Zaded clothing company, whilst also encourage buyers of paintings and highlight the importance of investment in more performance poetry and art events across the South West. There may be a small charge to enter in order to provide drinks and snacks to the public, but all donations made will go towards funding future events for young creatives.

About Me

My name is Tara, I am a student at Bath Spa University, and alumna from Camberwell School of Art in London.  I was brought up in Peckham, a rapidly gentrifying area of South East London. I have a huge passion for the amount of creative energy that is developing in South East London and would like to bring some of it to the South West where I feel a lot of contemporary art is lost. I have been making paintings for the past 6 years and I would really love to be able to start showcasing and selling them.

Where will the money go?

I am in conversation with Centrespace Gallery in Bristol to host the event in their main gallery space, for £265 (+£20-30 for electricity) from the 23rd-30th May 2019
- As a backup, I have also spoken to Hamilton House in Bristol to hire their gallery for £280 per week

The event will require hiring a man+van through a company based in Bristol to transport paintings mainly held at Bath School of Art & Design to the gallery. We may also need this to transport clothing from Bradford-on-Avon to the gallery for the launch of the local clothing brand, Zaded. This is £30/hr

The hiring of sound tech equipment and art technician staff will be approximately £90 for the opening night.

Flyering and advertising will cost around £30.

Subsidising the travel of our wonderful artists, djs, and performance poets of which there will be no less than 6, will also cost around £30.


There will be free stickers and badges, free entry to the event and t-shirts for donors!

Find me here

If you have any interest in following my social media to see some upcoming paintings and things I'm working on, my instagram is @ewtara. Another friend who will hopefully be exhibiting can be found at @emilymcilroy_art

Email me to be a part of the movement at

Help us succeed!

Please sponsor my project and help me to introduce young creatives to the South West! Don't let everything get stuck in London! Sharing our project with everyone possible would really help so get it on your social media!

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