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Fundraising for our end of year production!


Thank you for visiting Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society's crowdfunding page for 2018! This academic year we are working towards our production of "Made in Dagenham". The musical is based around the 1968 Dagenham strikes which partitioned the fight for equal pay.

We are a hardworking society and rely on self-funding in order to accomplish our goal of producing a full scale, professional production at the end of the year. Though we complete the majority of fundraising ourselves, in order to afford licensing, costumes, the costs of theatre etc. we are creating this page to help raise an extra £1000 which is needed to make "Made in Dagenham" happen!

who are we?

We are Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society, a student led society, in our fifth year. We are a fairly large society of about 60 members and attract students from different courses and different year groups, ranging from freshers to masters students. We began rehearsals at the beginning of October, after auditions and are progressing to more intensive rehearsals. We rehearse at Bath Spa University every Wednesday evening and are beginning Sunday rehearsals, some of which in the past have lasted about 12 hours. Our members put so much time and energy into putting on a well polished performance, that we would like to match this in our costumes and set which will make this a professional production.

In previous years, we have performed "Fame" and "Footloose" which have been successful productions. We want to make sure that this success continues and that our society continues to have a professional name.

Why we do what we do?

Our society is an active and close knit group of students, all of whom enjoy being a part of the society. For several members it allows them to do something which they would not be offered as part of their course; by being given the opportunity to act, sing and dance. BSMTS also is essential in helping students build confidence in public speaking, as they are given the opportunity to perform on stage. We regularly organise showcases at our Students Union which have a different theme and these allow every member the opportunity to perform on the SU stage, this encourages students who have not sung in front of anyone before, the confidence to get on stage and perform.

We all love being a part of Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society because of the friendships that are made from it, as well as being able to share a love of Musical Theatre!

Where will the money go?

We are already fundraising the majority of the money for "Made in Dagenham". So far we have already organised 7 bake sales, had a bag pack at Waitrose, organised several showcases at the SU. We are beginning 2018 with busking in Bath city centre and will continue to partake in these fundraising events throughout the academic year. We are hoping that this page will help us raise £1000 and with this money, as well as what we have raised and are going to raise, you will be able to see below what the money will be spent on....

  • Licencing
  • Theatre Hire
  • Advertising
  • Sound
  • Set
  • Costumes
  • Piano
  • Props
  • Costume
  • Printing

a selection of photos from "fame" and fundraisers over the last two years

An action shot from the group number, "There she goes" in "FAME."

(May 2017)

Carolling at the Bath Christmas Market.

(November/December 2017)

The dance students performing a ballet sequence to "Think of Meryl Streep" in "FAME."

(March 2017)

The opening number, "Hard Work" from our dress rehearsal of "FAME."

(May 2017)

Busking on a Saturday afternoon in Bath. One of our members had to sit underneath an umbrella, to shelter our speakers from the rain.

(May 2017)

A group photo, from Bath Spa Musical Theatre Awards evening last year.

(May 2017)

Two of the principle characters in "FAME" (Tyrone and Iris) performing the Pas de Deux.

(June 2017)

Practicing the duet "Let's Play a Love Scene" in FAME.

(February 2017)

One of our many Bake Sales, taking place throughout the academic year.

(October 2016)

After our penultimate show of "FAME", all of our cast are dressed in their graduation costumes.

(June 2017)

Find us here for regular updates and contact details

Facebook: Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society

Twitter: @BathSpaMT

Instagram: @BathSpaMusicalTheatre


Youtube: BathSpaMusicalTheatreSociety

Help us succeed!

  • We know that not everyone will be able to make a donation, but any donation however small would be greatly appreciated and will be make a big difference to our production.
  • Please help us by sharing this page and also looking at our other social media pages to encourage people to find out about us. Please spread the word about Bath Spa Musical Theatre Society!
  • Thank you for taking the time to look at our fundraising project and consider making a donation, it is all appreciated!
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