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‘Meat Grinder’ is a thriller surrounding a mother and son who are driven to cannibalism.

A Short Summary of your Project

“MEAT GRINDER” is a thriller about a mother who, after spending too much time on social media, must learn to cater for her son’s new palette. This becomes increasingly more difficult when strangers learn of his odd eating habits and both mother and son become secluded from the outside world. Will she find a way to keep her son alive? And to what end? We are aiming to raise money in order to enhance our project to create a more effective resort and tackle the issue of technology taking over our lives.

Who are we? 

Victoria Amott - Producer, A bit of a control freak that get's her kicks from solving problems and doing paperwork! 

Jeremy Wojcicki - Director, A budding filmmaker with a passion for bringing stories to life, especially in regards to current world issues and using controversial subjects in order to convey specific meanings.

Sian Spooner - Assistant Producer, Enjoys bad vfx and cheesecake.

Harry Johnson - Camera and DOP, Passionate about cinematography and bringing a unique style to films he works on.

Ryan Shirlow - Editor, Experienced filmmaker with a passion for editing - just like the software his work is Premiere Pro! He has been working on films regularly from the age of 16, including taking part in roles such as sound and cinematography.

Ellie Mckenna - Production Designer and Assistant Editor, Has a love for all things film, whether that be pre or post production. The process from start to finish is so exciting. 

Our story

We’re a group of third year students that are aiming to create a short film worthy of recognition amongst the professional industry. The donations for this film will allow us to create a film of an industry standard which will enable us to showcase it at film festivals therefore gaining exposure and taking our roles further into the professional world. Our project is hoping to open the eyes of many into the impact social media and the internet can have on people’s lives. The internet is a wonderful invention that allows people to communicate their opinions and create real change, but it’s not all cocktails on the beach and Facebook trolls in the comment sections, it can cause negative real life impact to the world around us. We’re not looking to shame people into using it, or create controversy, but simply enjoy the company around them and convince people to put their phones on silent every once in a while!

By donating you will have a direct impact on the quality of our production and help show the positives and negatives of online media in today’s society.

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards the funding of the film, travel expenses for cast and crew as well as a number of other budgeting details. Below is a rough breakdown of what we expect the costs to look like:

Cast and Crew: £100

Travel Expenses: £80-£120

Catering: £100

Production Design: £50-£100

Location: £100

Wardrobe: £50

Any extra funds we have after creating our project will go towards the children’s mental health charity “Honey Pot” which is a charity to help every child to make the most of their one chance at childhood. Keep up to date with our progress by following us on our social media! (links below)


We have some really fun rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Check them out!!

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If you fancy following us in our journey to create our exciting short film, you can find us at the links below. Give us a follow and keep updated on our progress!



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