Get Bath Spa to Graduate Fashion Week

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We are third year Fashion Design BA (Hons) and fundraising for our final year showcase at GFW!


We are third year BA (Hons) Fashion Design students currently in the process of designing our capsule collections. We all have extremely varied interests and come from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds, causing every one of us to have a unique approach to design. The third year collection gives us the opportunity to fully explore ourselves and fine tune our practice before finishing education and moving off into the wider world. Please join us by following our story on Instagram @bsufashion2020.


Participating in the 2020 showcase of new design talent, would bring us invaluable exposure to industry professionals, as well as be a final celebration of our thoroughly enjoyable 3 years at Bath Spa University.

As every year has before us, it would mean the world to us to be able to showcase our work at Graduate Fashion Week "the largest showcase of BA fashion in the world and represents the future of creative design talent". We need to raise £10,500 in just four months!

We would greatly appreciate all your support in helping us to achieve our goal. If you can give in any way that you can, from £1 to £30, £50 or however much you can give. Even by simply sharing this fundraiser to your social media, friends and family, will allow us to get the exposure our fundraising platform needs!

With the added pressure of fundraising alongside our studies, anything you can give will be an incredible support to our efforts, and we will be extremely grateful.


We are a group of 22 immensely varied students, and part of the next wave of graduate designers who will contribute to (and hopefully better) the industry’s future. On this course, we are continually researching, designing, and exploring our ideas through drape, creative pattern cutting amongst other processes, in order to develop our ideas into tangible responses. We feel this cross-discipline work is demonstrated to a high standard here at Bath Spa.

Showing at GFW will aid us in exposing our talent and progressing our budding careers. Due to it not only being university courses at GFW, but industry representatives as well, we feel without this exposure our options become limited, as it can lead to us receiving job and internship opportunities. Without the invaluable exposure that Graduate Fashion Week provides, these opportunities become inaccessible to us. On top of this, the ability to connect and engage with other graduates creates the possibility of future collaborations with in the art world.

To us, fashion is our art form. We explore different narratives to capture a specific feeling, a time in history, or bring awareness to a certain issue, whether it be political or something that may be more personal, resonating with a particular group of individuals. By donating to this fund you are allowing us to share our art with the wider world. Without your support, it will be more difficult to reach our end goal.

Where EVERY £ GOEs

To put on a professional catwalk show costs an enormous amount of money. We have to raise the majority of it ourselves (a small part is funded by Bath Spa University) in order for the show to go ahead. If we fail to reach the target, we will not be able to show at the event.

The money you donate will go towards:


Stand space, promotional packs, decal costs and installation, power sockets, building walls - £3,745


Theatre hire - £3,000

Show production - £1,300

Catwalk photographer - £600

Models x 24 - £6,840

Fashion Show Tickets, music, hair and makeup, catering for models, etc - £3,316


Van from Bath to London in order to transport collections and exhibition stands/equipment - £1,500

The total costs could potentially be £20,300.40 - in order for the show to go ahead and the University to agree to help with the rest of the funding, we must raise £10,500 of that. 


By donating a certain amount, you can receive a variety of rewards, from a fashion illustration poster drawn by one of us, to a printed t-shirt designed by us, and more! Once we have reached our target and raised the money needed, we will contact you for your address and post it out to you.


For more information about fundraising, the show, or anything else please contact Catherine at or message us on instagram @bsufashion2020!


Please share our fundraising page on Facebook, Instagram or by email. We are so grateful in advance for all your help and generosity and look forward to bringing you on-board this journey with us! We'll be posting regular updates of our work so that you can have an insight into our working process and have you looking forward to the show in June 2020!

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