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Aurora UK - Making theatre blaze

Summary of the project:

Aurora UK are a new theatre company based in Bath. For their debut performance they will be producing the unique and awe-inspiring play Constellations by Nick Payne as part of the Bath SparkFest 2019. Aurora is made up of current postgraduate and undergraduate students and alumni from Bath Spa University. They are raising funds for travel expenses and equipment for the show including lighting, sound design, set design and costume. The funds will also ensure the there is adequate marketing for the production so that people get to come and see the show!

Who are Aurora UK?

Director Niklas Aarre is an MA Directing student collaborating on this production alongside Johanna Byron - MA Creative Producing, Alison Green - MA in Sound Design, Etiane St. Clair - MA Performing Shakespeare, Jacob Ruddle - MA Classical Acting, Sarah Horrex - BA Acting as well as Sophie Smith, Juliette Green and Izzy Anderson - BA Theatre Production. The company also has a strong relationship with the industry professionals who will be applying their expert knowledge to the production.

The story:

Constellations was originally written for The Royal Court and has gone on to be performed on Broadway. At its simplest, Constellations is a love story between a beekeeper and a cosmologist. However, the structure of the play follows the theory of multiverse, so it’s in effect a love story told through different universes. The play questions if life exists in a multiverse; asking if a set of parallel existences can contain innately different futures. The possibilities in our lives are, quite literally, endless. Every possible event that could happen, does happen, in one universe or another. If two lovers meet (are drawn together in every existence), every possible happy ending and heartbreak could befall them. The play tackles many complex themes, from heartbreak to assisted suicide as well as the exploring ideas around the multiverse and string theory.

The production is an exciting opportunity for audiences to experience not just the one story but also the other choices these two characters have potentially made. Constellations has never been performed in Bath before and is specifically tailored for SparkFest and the reach the festival has in bringing a younger audience to the theatre. This is the reason Aurora have chosen to take a fresh perspective on the storytelling and characters. The actors will be portraying people closer to the audiences age but still exploring these complex themes and topics that are relevant for a younger audience.

Aurora UK are looking for support in the initial stages of the rehearsals. This production is providing a great opportunity for experience for current theatre students from Bath Spa University. The production is also creating contacts for these students in their transfer from being a student into the professional world. It is also the debut production that will help to launch a new theatre company in order to continue to provide both students and alumni with further future opportunities. Where will your money go?We are raising to support set, costume, props, marketing, lighting and travel expenses. If we hit our full target the performance will be able to showcase our create ideas to the fullest, and make for a performance the audience won’t forget.


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Constellations has never been performed in Bath before and is specifically tailored for SparkFest and the reach the festival has in bringing a younger audience to the theatre. This performance will engage large numbers of audience who can enjoy and benefit from watching the show, whilst creating an opportunity to showcase the talents of the Bath Spa Postgraduate and Undergraduate students and help to promote the College of Liberal Arts. Your contribution, however big or small, will allow for all the incredible people working on the production to showcase their full ability.

Thank You from the Aurora UK team!

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