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We are a group of 7 students hoping to raise money to put on a production of 'Be My Baby' in June!

Be My Baby

We are an all-female group of actors and directors putting on a production of the compelling Amanda Whittington play 'Be My Baby'. The play is set in England in the 1960's in a Mother and Baby home, where unmarried women are sent unwillingly to have their babies in secret, to save their family name from being tarnished. 'Be My Baby' focuses on several women and teenagers and their varied responses to having to give away their children. With heavy focus on female sexuality, postnatal depression and female friendship, this play gives a voice to the silenced women of the 1960's.

our story

In a time where women still suffer shame for their sexuality, 'Be My Baby' offers a confidant for 6 relatable characters to tell stories that will really resonate with an audience almost 60 years on. We're privileged to speak the stories of these characters as their situations were incredibly real to many women in England in the 1960's.

We are a group of Bath Spa students, all of whom have experience in theatre and all who share a love for performing and being on stage. We have developed this project to challenge ourselves and assemble our different strengths together, before the majority of us graduate in the summer. As aspiring actors and performers we would love the opportunity to perform this production to the best of our abilities, in order to obtain more experience in the field of putting on a play, something which we would love to do in the future. 

Where will the money go?

  • Costumes (£50)
  • Staffing the theatre (£90)
  • The rights of the play (£150)
  • Props (£50)

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  • We know that not everyone will be able to make a donation, but any donation however small would be greatly appreciated and will be make a big difference to our production.
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