Bath Spa Fashion Degree Show 2018

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Bath Spa's Fashion Design students are raising money to put on their yearly Fashion Show

Fashion Design Degree Show 2018

We are aiming to raise £8000-£9000 for our annual Bath Spa Fashion Degree Show, for the class of 2018!

Who are we?

We are 21 very individual fashion students. We are all from different backgrounds, from different places and each with our own unique style which is demonstrated throughout our practice, whether that be menswear or womenswear, conceptual or commercial fashion.

Our Story

In September 2015, we all started on an incredible journey; this particular journey has given us tears of joy, and tears of sadness, but it has been incredible and we are all here for the final leg as the graduating class of 2018.

We are looking to raise a total of £9000 for the yearly Bath Spa Fashion Degree Show which is held annually in the beautiful Assembly Rooms of Bath. The show takes place in June every year and showcases every single students graduate work. It is important not only to the final year students but to the whole Fashion Department, as it publicises and promotes the Bath Spa Fashion Design Course, which can continue to create and nurture new talent.

The money that you donate will enable us to create another fabulous show, and it will help connect us to other graduates and people working within the industry which will help start our future careers. It will also be a celebration for us and our families who have supported us through this journey, and a celebration of the incredibly tough, but thoroughly enjoyable three years that it has taken us to get to this point.

Thank you for your support and for reading our story.

Where will the money go?

The show costs an enormous amount of money, and we have to raise a large portion of this amount ourselves (the rest is contributed from Bath Spa University) in order for the show to go ahead. If we fail to reach the target, the show is cancelled.

The breakdown of the costs are as follows -

  • Models - £9226.80
  • Rail travel for the models and the photographers - £919.20
  • Ballroom hire from the Assembly Rooms (this includes the Ballroom, the surrounding corridors, the catwalk, chairs, room setup, security, staff etc.) - £790.00
  • Enlightened Lighting Production costs (building of the rig, hire and set-up of lights, sound system, set build, projection and manpower for 2 days) - £7020.00
  • Professional photographer - £350.00
  • Show Producer invoice and overnight stay - £1500.00
  • Makeup mirror Hire - £201.50
  • Food/refreshments for models, hair, makeup and production staff - £320.00
  • Flyers/posters to promote the events - £200.00
  • Physical printed tickets - £248.00

Total cost around £20,755


  • Part of our reward system is, by donating a certain amount you will receive a free 'fashion' tote bag; designed by the fashion students themselves, once we have raised our target and raised the money needed to put on the show, we will contact you to receive your address to post it out to you.
  • To watch where and how your money has helped to create our show please look out for tickets to the show from early May 2018. Buy tickets online or at No. 4, The Circus, Bath.

Fundraising video

  • This year we wanted to interact with our supporters to show everyone what our Fashion Show is really about! The final year Fashion Students got together to create our take on last years degree show and to encourage people to come watch the show & donate!

Find us here

  • For more information about fundraising, the show or anything else, please contact Charlotte at or come and knock on our door at No.4, The Circus, Bath.
  • Please follow our Bath Spa Fashion Degree Show 2018 Facebook page - @bathspafashion2018 or

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