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What is Artist Boss?

Artist Boss is a creative research project that brings together artists, curators, students, academics and the general public to examine sculpture and the role of the studio assistant to raise questions concerning the status of production, originality, authenticity, and authorship within the tradition of twentieth-century British sculpture.

The project involves a series of exhibitions, a publication, a website with learning resources, talks and events for everyone. It creates access to new work and engages new audiences with sculpture.

The project focuses specifically on Sir Anthony Caro and his studio assistants to look at this ‘traditional’ role and its impact on making and artists’ careers.

By pursuing this line of enquiry, Artist Boss seeks to reveal a new unchartered approach on the reading of Caro’s work and legacy in sculpture today in order to stimulate new possibilities, and open-up creative thinking for students, academics, artists, and the general public.


Featured artists: Anthony Caro, John Gibbons, Ian Dawson, Guy Martin, Olivia Bax, Neil Ayling, John Wallbank, Hywel Livingstone, Patrick Cunningham, Beth Cullen-Kerridge, Andre Fauteux, Willard Boepple, Shaun Cassidy, James Wolfe, Gavin Morris, Tim Peacock, Jon Isherwood, William Fausset, Jonathan Gildersleeves, Claire Baily, Rafael Blasco-Ciscar, Jean-Philippe Dordolo, Charles Hewlings, Sophie Hoyle. Publication includes texts by Tim Marlow, Karen Wilkin, Dr Michael Petry, Professor K Patricia Cross, Sam Cornish, Jenny Dunseath and Dr Mark Wilsher.


3 exhibitions present the work of Caro and artists associated with his studio. 

    • The New Arts Centre, Roche Court shows four mid-career artists and Caro’s work.
    • The Cut in Suffolk presents new works by emerging artists associated with Caro’s studio.
    • An exhibition at Bath School of Art and Design brings together the exhibitions in an academic context for students and the general public.

      Website chronicles the whole project and provides free downloadable learning resources for everyone including students, teachers and academics.

      Talks and events open up discussion and explore ways of making to explore creative thinking and problem solving skills.

      The publication:Artist Boss: Anthony Caro’s studio assistants and issues of legacy in British Sculpture’ includes original interviews with Caro and his assistants, writers and critics. Published by Wunderkammer Press, it features Tim Marlow Artistic Director The Royal Academy of Art, Karen Wilkin US critic, Dr M Petry, and the work of Rembrandt, Bernini, Hirst, Kapoor and many more.


      This is the first and only extended engagement with the prominent artist and his studio assistants. It is a completely unique and exceptional project that reaches out to everyone. It is about making, and revealing the voices of individuals who make up the discourse of art history.



      Students, artists, academics and the general public view the free exhibitions, take part in workshops, talks and events.

      Legacy continues with the book and website which archives the whole project and provides free learning resources for everyone.

      Where will your money go?

      Your money will go towards the costs of the exhibitions in Bath and Suffolk, the website with learning resources, catalogue, talks and events.

      We have raised the majority of funds for this project and this final push will enable this important educational legacy to be shared. Your support provides vital funding to realise this exciting and valuable project that provides original and otherwise unseen research into sculpture production. 

      You will help to develop young artists and support UK cultural provision, as well as support the only project of this kind.


          We are grateful for any amount you can pledge and have designed rewards that are unique opportunities to engage with the projects artists. Rewards include:

          An insightful limited edition publication: Pool Volume 1.

          This foldout pamphlet features discussion with Anthony Caro, Neil Ayling, Claire Baily, Olivia Bax, Jean-Philippe Dordolo, Charles Hewlings, Sophie Hoyle and John Wallbank. Edited by Olivia Bax and Sophie Hoyle. 

          A beautiful limited edition book ‘Drawings’ by John Wallbank.

          The book is a collection of 'notes' made on an e-reading device that formed a visual diary of Wallbank's time during his participation in the Triangle Artists' Residency, New York. 

          "Drawings." Edition of 250 (2014) 175 pages. 24 x 20.5 cm. 

          A first edition signed copy of Artist Boss: Anthony Caro’s studio assistants and issues of legacy in British Sculpture  

          Published by Wunderkammer Press 2016.

          The book presents interviews with Anthony Caro’s studio assistants and critical essays to explore the projects themes.  

          Signed by the Editors J.Dunseath and Coeditor Dr M Wilsher

          A unique sculpture by Jean-Philippe Dordolo 

          'Backen ins Unbekannte' (2015) 

          Plaster board, paint, white earthenware ceramic. 

          32 x 25 cm 

          An amazing mono-print by Olivia Bax 

          'Sketch II' (2015)  

          Unframed mono-print on paper

          56 x 76 cm  

          An exquisite limited edition Sculpture by Neil Ayling 

          'Emerald City Revisited' (2015)

          C-Print on Aluminium, Folded. 

          14 x 14 x 10 cm 

          4/10 available



          A unique sculpture by Hywel Livingstone 

          'Slope Stack House' (2014)

          Stainless and painted steel 

          14 x 38 x 36 cm  

          A unique piece by Dr Mark Wilsher

          'Unfinished Business (Evision)' (2008)

          Ink on catalogue page 

          21 x 30 cm  

          Catalogues and books donated from Caro's studio:

          4 Exhibition catalogues (from right to left)

          • Anthony Caro published on the occasion of  "Anthony Caro: Park Avenue Series" at Gagosian Gallery Britannia Street, London and of "Caro at Museo Correr" at Museo Correr, Venice (2013). Text by Michael Fried and Gary Tinterow; Two books in slipcase; Volume 1: Anthony Caro: Park Avenue Series; Volume 2: Caro at Museo Correr Volume 1: 88 pages; Volume 2: 96 pages; Both volumes fully illustrated.
          • Caro at the Trajan Markets, Rome. Introductory essay by Giovanni Carandente. Ed. by Ian Barker. Published by Lund Humphries, London: (1993) Hardcover
          • Caro by Karen Wilkin Ed. Ian Barker Photos by John Riddy. Prestel, London (1991) Hardcover. 
          • Anthony Caro by Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (Author) and Anthony Caro (Author) Generalitat Valenciana (Jun. 2005) Language: Spanish

          Volume of 5 beautiful books


          • Paul Moorhouse: Anthony Caro: Presence, Lund Humphries, London 2010
          • Julius Bryant:  Anthony Caro: Figurative and Narrative Sculpture, Lund Humphries, London 2009
          • Karen Wilkin: Anthony Caro: Interior and Exterior, Lund Humphries, London 2009 
          • H F Westley: Smith: Anthony Caro: Small Sculptures, Lund Humphries, London 2010
          • Mary Reid: Anthony Caro: Drawing in Space, Lund Humphries, London 2009

          Over what period will the funds be used?

          Website and Publication released Artist Boss: Anthony Caro's studio assistants and issues of legacy in British sculpture by Wunderkammer Press July/August 2016

          Pool at The Cut Exhibition and events: Aug - Oct 2016

          Anthony Caro Artist Boss Exhibition and events at New Arts Centre, Roche Court Nov 2016 - Jan 2017

          Artist Boss Exhibition and events at Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University. Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

          What will you do if you raise more than your target?

          If we raise more than our target, funds would be used to provide transport between venues and host a full symposium with the projects international links. Additional funds would be invested into student projects and to develop further research into the associated themes to explore similar modes of learning across industry. The more we can raise, the more we can do, and the more we can share with you.


          Who are we?

          Artist Boss is produced by Jenny Dunseath Bath Spa University, in partnership with Dr Mark Wilsher, Norwich University of the Arts. 

          It has been developed by small steering group of educators, artists and researchers, with input from: 

          Sir Anthony Caro, Barford Studios Ltd, New Arts Centre Roche Court, Pool discussion group: Olivia Bax, Charles Hewlings, Gina Medcalf, Hywel Livingstone, Neil Ayling, Jean-Philippe Dordolo, Claire Baily, Rafael Blasco-Ciscar, Sophie Hoyle, and John Wallbank. 

          Staff, BA, MA and PhD Students at aligning institutions: Bath Spa University, Norwich University of the Arts, University of Southampton, Winchester school of Art, Bennington College US with contributions from Professors at Winthrop University and Berkeley US.      

          With support from Annely Juda Gallery, New Arts Centre Roche Court,, Wiltshire County Council, VASW (Visual Arts South West), Suffolk County Council, Wunderkammer Press, Ambit.

          To donate... 

          Please use the 'sponsor me' button.

          You will need to create a user account but it is very simple and straightforward, alternatively you can log in using your facebook or twitter account. If you would prefer to pledge by cheque or BACS transfer please contact, she will be very happy to help.

          Money pledged will leave your bank account when the crowdfunding project is complete on or just after 12 June. 

          The funding deadline has finished, but I still want to support this project, can I still contribute?

          Yes! Please contact with the subject line "Artist Boss GIVE" 

          Donations are accepted at any time and funds will be used to continue research and support student projects. The work doesn't stop!

          I want to make a contribution to Artist Boss that is larger than £10,000, what do I do?

          For individuals who want to give larger amounts, you may give through the website, or contact  We have developed a special program for larger donors that we can describe to you in detail.

          Can’t donate?  We’d still like your help....

          Other than backing this fund and sharing it with friends, how else can I help?

          Our social media sites are not only places to participate in discussions and keep up with news, but also to share that information with your own networks. Please help us create a strong online community of supporters. Share content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

          Host an event on behalf of Artist Boss such as a fundraiser or a reading event, to support and raise awareness about the project. If you would like to host an event please send inquiries to with subject line “Artist Boss HOST.” 


          How can I contact and/or stay updated? Contact us at Bath Spa University

          Talk to us. ARTIST BOSS is always open to thoughtful feedback at We consider all comments, positive and negative, as long as they are constructive.

          Image Credits: 1. 1/20th Scale models of Anthony Caro’s work at Camden studio. (2013) by Jaana Fowler. Courtesy of Barford Sculptures Ltd Photo: John Hammond. 2.  Anthony Caro’s Camden studio, London UK (2013) Courtesy of Barford Sculptures Ltd Photo: John Hammond. 3. John Gibbons ‘First Moment (2006 – 07)
 Stainless Steel, paint varnish. 128 x 106 x 164 cm Courtesy of the artist 4. Rewards as listed. 5. John Wallbank Painting (Black & White) Exhibition shot (2015) Bituminous paint, cotton fabric, PVA glue, plywood, staples, PVC coated wire. Courtesy of the artist. 6. Anthony Caro. Chelsea Ziggurats(1997) Jarrah wood railroad ties 366 x 625 x 437cm. Courtesy of Barford Sculptures Ltd Photo: John Riddy
          Film Credits: Caro work and studio images Courtesy of Barford Sculptures Ltd. Photo credits: John Hammond. John Riddy. Claire Greenaway. Credit: Neil Ayling. Olivia Bax. John Wallbank. Ian Dawson. Music by Chris Zabriskie ‘There Are Many Different Kinds of Love’  Publisher ‘You've Been a Wonderful Laugh Track’ (ASCAP) From the Free Music Archive CC BY NC. Film: Jon Warmington, Simon Butler, Emily Furnell with Ethan Penney and BA Fine Art Undergraduate students at Bath Spa University 2016. Editor: C. Churcher

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