Aquae Sulis Graduate Showcase Exhibition

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Bath Spa 2023 Art Graduates come together to put on a collaborative exhibition

A short summary of your project

Welcome to our crowd funder for Aquae Sulis - an exhibition taking place at the OXO Tower Gallery in London, showcasing work from 31 graduate art students. At this important juncture in our artistic careers, where we look to take our next steps, we are organising a showcase exhibition to allow us to promote our practices to a wide audience. As a collective, we have partially self-funded the event, but to make this exhibition a success we need your support! 

Who are you?

Aileen Lyon, Amanda Hall, Beatrice Peppercorn, Cameron Reeves, Daisy-Drew Smith, Dionne Clarke, Dulcie Power, Ella Davies, Ella Holmes, Erika Azuma, Harvey Mock, Isabel Kitchen, Isabella Luciani, Isidora Krsmanovic, Jenna Axtell, Lola Graham-Bennett, Kim Smurthwaite, Leah Woolcock, Lily Robinson, Lorraine Jeffries, Lydia Miller, Madeleine Jarvis, Megan Buckwell, Megan Wright, Milly Aburrow, Nicholas Joyce, Olivia Rees, Qinyao Dai, Rosie Nicholson, Sapphire Henriksen, Shanaye Mccarthy

Your story

The exhibition will feature and celebrate a diverse range of artists and their work. We have designed this show to operate as a celebratory space that amplifies our work as graduating artists and highlights the diverse, multi-disciplinary projects and practices we hold as a collective. At Aquae Sulis, you’ll discover painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, print, performance and more. A celebration of art, a celebration of things to come - join us, it's going to be fun.

Where and When

Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH. The exhibition will be running for four days from 22nd June - 25th June. Admission is free so please come along and see us!

Where will the money go?

To be able to realise this goal fully, we need your support. So, we’re kindly asking for your help to aid us in this collaborative project. Every student participating in the exhibition has paid a sum of £200 which will go towards the rent of the building. The rest of the fundraising will cover costs such as the logistics of getting the work from Bath to London, marketing, security, and catering.

Budget Breakdown

Venue Hire: £6,444.50 Transport: £1,069.20. Security: £390 Catering: £1,220 Marketing: £1,500

(Please note that some costs are exact and some estimated)


To show our gratitude for your support, all donations will receive a personal invite to our Private View being held on opening night on 22nd June 2023. We’ll be hosting a catered reception to celebrate the exhibition’s launch and all the artists involved, join us to get a first look at all the works in the show as well as an opportunity to meet the artists. 

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