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A moving personal story shared with one person at a time.

All The Journeys I Never Took

A spoken word performance told through interactive theatre. A one woman show for one audience participant at a time. Each person will be taken to a secret location, in the heart of the city, where they are the only witness to an unfolding story. This dynamic and intimate performance is an experience like no other. Beyond Words

Help us succeed and remove the barriers...

Direct theatre, spoken word off-stage - by one performer to one audience member at a time. Why would we do that? Because it's en vogue? Because it's different? Because it will make an impact? Whilst all of those provide some potential kudos and benefits our vision is delivering a performance so personal and so real, it cuts away at the very idea of whom the arts are reserved for and offers a direct look into a much needed question. What does it take for two people to really connect?

A Stellar All Female Production

An immersive journey written and performed by Rebecca Tantony. A published poet and spoken word artist. Rebecca curates the poetry stage at Shambala Festival and is the regional coordinator for Hammer and Tongue in Bristol.
In this, her first live tour, All The Journeys I Never Took leaves behind traditional theatre spaces and makes way for experimental off-site work. Directed by Raquel Meseguer, the co-founder of Physical Theatre company Lost Dog. Our immersive set, the creation of designer Synnove Fredericks whose interactive installations have travelled to New York and throughout France as part of an award winning Object Atelier's Interactive Objects tour.
Producer, Lucy English is a Bath Spa reader in Creative Writing, published author and co-creator of poetry film festival, Liberated Words, guides the team as both producer and manuscript mentor. 

Spoken Word Without Limits

The Arts Council has supported our overall budget. Part of that bid was the action to successfully crowd fund the costs and build of our interactive set. We've set the bar higher because we'd like to take this performance to more places, to offer more people contemporary poetry that will hopefully touch more lives. With a contribution you can help pay poetry forward that provides a multi-disciplinary and unique experience. With your support we can:

Access The Arts Council Funding to deliver this dynamic experience and tour

Buy materials and build our interactive secret set. 

Add more dates and opportunities to share off-stage interactive theatre

Make a contribution to those who are making this project possible. 

What the money will go towards.

All The Journeys I Never Took has seven tour dates booked. With your help we can double our dates and social impact.

If we reach £1000 minimum target, the show would benefit from..

£500 on set materials 

£300 on set alterations and build equipment 

£200 on set production costs (£30 per tour date)

If we reach our ideal target of £5000, the show can go on to..

£1500 contribution to currently all unpaid roles within the team (venue booking, graphic design, PR etc.) 

£2000 to add more All The Journeys I Never Took tour dates and to bring the show to venues who are interested but can’t afford it.

£225 to provide transport cost contribution for all tour dates.

£250 to cover set replacements / repair. (It truly is interactive). 

An Amazing Selection Of Rewards 

We have some fantastic rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give.  

If we reach our ideal target, there is everything from back stage media access to some very special limited edition tour prints and signed books to incredible events for you to meet the production team and/or work with us for you and your friends. You can support us for a little as £1.00

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