MA Travel and Nature Writing trip to California

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Completion Date: Sat 29 Feb 2020
I need to organise and plan a trip to gather material to write about as part of my MA. Can you help?

Hi everyone! I'm Abi, Currently studying an MA in Travel and Nature Writing. As part of my course, we have to plan and undertake a trip, hopefully gaining commissions for our writing to be published. This could launch my career as a writer and is an incredible opportunity which would be silly to let pass by!

My main passions in the natural world are birds and cetaceans (whales and dolphins); because of this, I'm aiming big and hoping to get to Monterey Bay in California (see map below!). Monterey Bay is world renowned for incredible diversity and numbers of cetaceans and they are also used to human presence, so you are able to get incredible views of amazing species such as humpback whales and orca. 

I started researching it as just a pipe dream, but I was taken aback when I found return flights to San Francisco for as little as £306. This really spurred me on to pursue California as my destination. However, a spanner was thrown in the works when I found I couldn't find accommodation for lower than £520, this puts the whole plan in jeopardy as I am struggling to find the money. I also have a few health problems, which means I'm unable to work alongside my studies in order to pay for the trip and would end up applying for loans/credit cards, should I not reach my target. 

This is where you lovely folk come in...

Where will the money go?

  • Flights and accommodation will be the first things I arrange and pay for (around £850 in total). 
  • I will need to book myself on to Whale Watching trips and arrange to visit the internationally acclaimed Monterey Bay aquarium (each around £30 a time). I will interview staff members at the aquarium on the history, importance and work of the aquarium. I will be able to write about the wildlife seen on the whale watching trips, it should be really interesting!
  • I need to get to and from Heathrow airport, National Express coach will cost £32 
  • I will also need to take public transport to/from San Francisco. Currently this looks like it will cost around £40.
  • If I raise enough to cover this and more, I will look into the idea of spending a couple of days in San Francisco, taking in the cultural sites such as the tea gardens (may also take another whale watching trip from this different location). 

I'll have some great rewards on offer, so please consider supporting me. Even £5 helps!

Social media

Here's my social media details, so you can keep track of my journey!

Twitter: @SpoonieStarr

IG: abiwildlife_me

I also have a blog where I post all my writing and news about my journey. Find it here

Over to you...

Please consider supporting me if you can - even a couple of pounds gets me a step closer to California!

Also, I'd really appreciate it if you could share the link with everyone you know who might be interested.

Thanks a lot guys. 

Abi :) 

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