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Bath Spa graduates and alumni merge for a collaborative exhibition along the Southbank, London.

To Continue

‘To Continue...’ 2021 is an exhibition taking place at at the OXO Bargehouse Gallery in London showcasing work from 48 Bath Spa art students. To our great disappointment, last year's show was cancelled – so this year’s exhibition will feature work from 2020 graduates in addition to graduating students studying Photography, Creative Arts Practice, and Fine Art.

Our story

We felt this name was very fitting to this exhibition because in light of the pandemic, this title carries many different meanings: it becomes a seamingly monotonous action particularly in the context of Covid; it also speaks to the shared spirit of all creatives in that we won’t ‘refrain’, and will continue making art. Lastly, whilst it has been an exceptionally tough year for all, we will continue.

This exhibition will be a testament to that very notion. It’s been a struggle for many during the Covid pandemic - for some of us students, our practice suffered; for others, isolation helped us to thrive creatively. But no matter how we got here, we all have one thing in common: – we’ve created works which we are excited and privileged to be able to share in a renowned setting and where we hope you will join us.


Annie Shrosbree, Bethany Vincent, Emily McIlroy, Freddie Knott, George Smith, Heather Pawley, James Marshall Hunter, Jasmine Smail, Jennifer Jenkins, Jose Martin Ortiz de Taranco, Juliet Duckworth, Kristina Bodman-Smith, Lauren Houghton, Lillianne Basham, Mei Silvio, Millie Broder, Poppy Briggs, Rosalyn Blow, Saffron Murray Browne, Sarah Garland De Carvalho, Tallulah Lloyd-Allum, Yurui Tian, Charlotte Tamkin, Catrin Gwen Jones, Lucrezia Di Canio, Lea Rose Kara, Lille Crabtree, Abby Tegan Lightfoot, Amelia Stead, Alice Monson, Alicia French, Amelia Linn, Hannah Waters, Emily Lucas, Eve Thomas, Hanna Griffiths, Jessica Gwilliam, Maya Bansal, Caroline Vitzthum, Lola Evelyn Ives, Max Blundell, Elizabeth Bond, Alicia Sealey, Alisha Stokes, Charley Skinner, Lucy Airlie, Sophie Green, Freya Britnell, Harriet Warne.

when and where?

Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH. The exhibition will be running for five days, beginning the 15th-18th July. The admission is free so please come along and see us!

Where will the money go?

It doesn’t just stop there. To be able to fully realise this goal, we need your support. So, we’re kindly asking for your help to aid us in this collaborative project. Every student participating in the exhibition has paid a sum of £200 which will go towards the rent of the building. The rest of the fundraising will cover things such as the logistics of getting the work from Bath to London and marketing. We’ve already been exceptionally busy raising money with an online quiz which was really well attended and well received! In addition to this, many of us have been participating in a sponsored walk during the month of April and running a mystery postcard sale made by our very own talented artists. However, there is still more to do and that is why we would be really grateful for your support and donations.

Breakdown of Fundraising Costs:

  • Rent of building for 7 days: £6,444.50
  • Transport: £1,069.20.
  • Security: £390
  • Catering: £1,220
  • Marketing: £1,500

(Please note that some costs are exact and some estimated)


        To show our gratitude for your support, depending on the size of the donation, we will be offering prints, gifts and original artworks. We hope this will go some way in showing our appreciation for your support and generosity.

        If you are in receipt of a reward for your donation, these will be posted to you one week after the crowdfunding page closes.

      Find us here

      To stay up to speed with all the developments and any fundraising events going on, follow us on instagram at tocontinue_exhibition.

      A website is in the works too so stay tuned via social media for when that goes live as well!

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