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A play about being hairy, growing grass, and successfully navigating adult life. Sort of.

Join us in raising £500 to support the theatre production of Nhair.

Nhair is a comedic journey of self love. Nhair explores living with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), specifically excessive hair growth and is currently in stage 3 development, having been performed at Theatre Royal Plymouth and The Old Library, Bodmin. 

1 in every 10 women suffer from PCOS. There is a multitude of symptoms that accompany this and we believe it's time we start talking about it. After all, how can we expect people to know women can grow beards without them being made aware of it! Conny created Nhair in the hopes that other women, that like her, suffer with PCOS are able to find community and are reminded of their own beauty, while raising awareness of PCOS to people who may have never been made aware of it before through the medium of comedy and performance. 

Who are we?

Conny is a South West based theatre-maker who creates feminist theatre often exploring social boundaries that are put upon people. In 2020 Conny graduated Plymouth Conservatoire with a first class honours degree in Acting and is currently undertaking her MA in Directing with Bath Spa University. 

Nhair is being developed in collaboration with Greedy Pig Theatre Company, an emerging Bath based company, run by Bath Spa Alumni Douglas Murdoch and Lex Kaby. Greedy Pig enjoy playing and experimenting with form, whether that’s a dystopian comedy play, a physical movement piece, a tragic minimalist musical, or whatever tool best fits the story we wish to tell. Greedy Pig aim to explore the human experience and perceptions of normality through every lens possible. After all, when it comes down to it, we are Greedy! 

Where will the money go?

Your donations are so valuable to us! Here is what they will be used for:

 - The bulk of this money is set to be spent on set to ensure the story of Nhair meets its full potential. We will be using your donations to build set and get props which will be able to be used in future touring, so your donations will be a true investment into Nhair's future.

- We also intend to print some information leaflets for audiences to be able to learn more about PCOS. It is important for us to raise awareness of PCOS and donations used for printing will help us do so.

- If there are any donations left over after these two aims are funded, any extra will be going to the future touring of Nhair, so we can reach communities all through the UK and spread awareness of PCOS. This would mean the donations would be going towards travel, accommodation and food costs for the creative team, as well as repairs for any set or props that may get damaged or broken while we're on the road. 


We are so grateful for any size donation you are able to give so thank you in advance! We have listed along the side of this page some rewards for those who are able to donate.

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Help us succeed

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