A project by: Conny Hancock

pledged of £1,000 target
Congrats! This project has reached its minimum needed of £200 and is going for its target of £1,000!

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Get hairy! xx

As a fellow PCOS sufferer and hairy actress, this play will completely speak to me. I have just finished recording as Iago for Othello Online by Momentum Acts. which will be in the same festivals at Bath Spa Uni. I’m so curious about this “hairy” play, and it’s so nice to know we PCOS sufferers aren’t dealing with this all by ourselves. Xx :) xx

I’m excited to see this project!

So proud of you Connie Hancock xx

Can’t wait to see the next development of the show! X

Looking forward to being educated and entertained. Good Luck Conny x

You amazing lady, good luck!! X