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The bird of wisdom needs two wings to fly, awareness & equanimity

A short summary of our project

Our mission is to bring local people & students of Bath, small businesses & mental health charities together, by promoting the importance of physical, mental & emotional health, through the power of natural healing.

We wish to offer our community, an engaging & interactive three day virtual event based around Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga sessions to encourage our overall wellbeing through these unprecedented times.

We hope to empower our communities, as well as individuals, by strengthening their understanding of awareness & self-reflection, the healing power of the body and to manifest a stable & balanced peace of mind.

Join us, by supporting our cause and to help shine a light on the power of commUnity!


Who are we?

We are a team of students in Project Management from Bath Spa University who feel purely inspired to support  our community, wthether it be small businesses suffering due to restrictions, the impact of CV-19 on mental health & the great opportunity to promote a new narrative to the current situation.

Your story

We believe that now is the crucial time to help people in need, who are struggling through these difficult times, through fear, financial struggle and the strain on their mental health & wellbeing. So much knowledge of ourselves, the power we hold & the power of working together has been lost. Mainly through th lack of resources, education and importance in our societies structures. However, we want to bring this opportunity back to the playing field and to remind people of the uniqueness and strength that we as individuals & as a community are truly capable of together.

  • We wish to build an awareness in our local communities and to empower individuals to help them through difficult times...
  • We believe in the importance of this event as it will shape the narrative of how we, as individuals and as a community will cope with the next difficult challenges ahead.
  • By supporting us, you will be allowing people the opportunity to take back their power, give them the tools neccessary to fight the challenges we face & to inspire a community of like minded people to expand the work we have set out to achieve.

Where will the money go?

  • If we can achieve our minimum target, we will use these funds to cover the basic costs of our speakers & guides, support our local charities and to give something back to our local sponsors who are holding on for the survival of their businesses.
  • If we hit our maximum target, we will be able to offer longer and higher quality sessions for our attendees, allow for a flexible timetable so those who can not attend can be given another chance, pay for a professional programme from experienced businesses and increase our support to a wider range of local charities & sponsors.
  • We are a totally transparent team of individuals, and in the case of raising more money than expected, we will donate all our money to: promote the event for a following year to support people in need, give something back to our attendees in the form of a gift box for a job well done on completion of the event and to pay for any additional costs that the event may have that we have so far decided to pay from our own pockets.
  • We will update our progress every Monday with full transparency & honesty.
  • The costs as far as we know are:
  • Production & Programme cost: £150
  • Speakers, guides & instructors: £150- £200
  • Achievement rewards for event completion: £100- £120

We hope to invite our donors to an opportunity to start their inner journey by discovering the power of Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga and how this can improve your lives!

Find us here

Find out more about us, our progress & regular updates on our Facebook page ' The Equanimity Project' & our Youtube channel.

Instagram: @equanimitytogether2020

Help us succeed!

We would greatly appreciate if you would be willing to donate to our event! We would also recommend that if you know anyone who would benefit from this event, please do not hesitate to put them in touch with us! #MindfulnessTogether

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