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MA Ceramics at New Designers

A project by: Steven Sales


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This project received pledges on Sun 20 May 2018
Get us to New Designers!

Why New designers?

New Designers (https://www.newdesigners.com/) is a significant showcase event for graduating designer-makers which takes place in London at the Business and Design Centre. With over 3,000 graduates from the UK’s leading design courses exhibiting, it has established itself as a highly respected event, showcasing the best in innovation and creativity from recent graduates and attracts a wealth of interest from both the public and professional sphere.

New Designers is the perfect opportunity for new graduates to showcase work in a public setting and a chance to test the market’s response to creative work. This launch pad into the professional arena provides graduates with networking opportunities not otherwise available in the South West.

Our story

The field of ceramics has had a tumultuous couple of decades. Across the country ceramics courses have been removed from university education leaving a mere handful to continue a legacy of formal training.

This year MA Ceramics at Bath Spa University have the largest graduating cohort than the course has seen in decades. If there was a time where we could make the biggest impact at New Designers, that time is now.

Where will the money go?

  • Stand cost - a modest stand costs £1800
  • Extra lighting - 2 lights are supplied with the stand, there are 13 of us are exhibiting
  • Stand/cohort branding - help us look the part
  • Transport - help us get our work and ourselves to London (and back again)

What does it mean to us?

Exhibiting at New Designers would put Bath Spa University students on a level playing field with London art schools. We believe in our work and want to share it with the rest of the world. Helping us achieve this means more than we could express here; but to give you a bit of an idea, it feels like your birthday, with a really, really good cake...and a bouncy castle.

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