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Going to university is about more than just getting a degree and (hopefully!) a great career - it’s about making the most of your time here: learning, growing, having amazing experiences and taking advantage of opportunities. But unfortunately, many of our students come up against a barrier: money.

75% of our students come from backgrounds that are disadvantaged in some way. Quite often they’re the first person in their family to go to university. The majority of them are working part-time to support themselves whilst they study (84% of our students are either employed or actively seeking employment), and their families aren’t in a position to help them out financially, so it’s a constant struggle to stretch a tight budget even tighter.

Opportunities like travelling abroad, attending workshops and short courses, taking up a work placement, or even just buying necessary materials, can cost a lot. And despite their best efforts to fund them, many students still come up short - that's why we have the Harbutt Fund.

The Harbutt Fund is our general award fund to ensure students are able to pursue projects which will enhance their academic and future careers. It's also there to help students who are experiencing hardship to complete their studies.

We want Bath Spa students to overcome the obstacles that could keep them from truly excelling. But we can’t do that without you.

Where will the money go?

Money donated will go to the Harbutt Fund, helping students pursue and achieve various goals which would otherwise be unreachable for them, including:

  • work and study abroad
  • obtaining professional qualifications
  • producing films and art exhibitions
  • academic and research projects
  • purchasing equipment
  • overcoming financial hardship to complete their degrees
  • participating in extra-curricular activities, e.g. sports and clubs

The difference between being able to take up a great opportunity and having to pass it by is often only a few hundred pounds. Your donations enable us to bridge that financial gap and give students an extra little bit of help to allow them to grab hold of those once-in-a-lifetime chances. To you, it may only be £5 or £10, but to them, it's a game changer.


All of our donors will receive a personal thank you message, and will be included in our Donor Roll of Honour*.  You'll also receive a #BathSpaGives donor pin badge - these are exclusive to our donors, so you can wear your badge with pride!

*Please let us know if you would like to remain anonymous.

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