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A project by: Heather Livings

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Completion Date: Fri 10 May 2019
A Pocket of Prose

The Ha'Penny Press

I am raising £250 to fund a small printing of a miniature anthology. A palm sized booklet of short stories, two pounds a copy. With the hopes of establishing a regular press. 

Who I am?

I'm a third year Creative Writing (BA) student. The Ha'Penny Press is something I have wanted to work on for a long time and as part of my Creative Enterprise Module I have been given the chance to explore it.

My Story

I commute between Bath and my home in Dorset fairly regularly on an exceedingly beautiful and rural bit of track. On this route, I observed in both my self and others the temptation to stare at my phone for the bulk of the journey and the reluctance to do it. 

I don't want to be chained to this device, in no small part because I need it for my bus ticket home and I need the battery life. I am too chained to my phone to be this chained to my phone.

In the circle of my course and my local community I see a lot of promising writers. In the Ha'Penny Press I see a way to keep in contact with the community and another avenue for smaller writers to see print. 

But the reason I want this to exist is that I want to see it in my life. I want something to read that doesn't involve packing a bag, enlarging all my pockets, or giving myself square eyes. I would be prepared to pay two pounds for it.

Where will the money go?

If I meet my minimum the spending will go to the printing costs.

If I meet my full target I will be able to have a larger print run and being able to pay my authors, as well as a launch event, where we might make the bulk of our sales.

  • £330- Printing + Design (150 copies)
  • £60- Promotion
  • £60- Editor
  • £150- Author Fees
  • £100- To organise a reading.

If there are any extra funds

  • I have planned a very small first print, to test the product. If there is any money left over I would like to print more and make the printing more efficient. Hopefully this will creep towards a profitable volume and the Press will be sustainable. 
  • I would also like to make the printing more environmentally sustainable as early in this process as I can.

All the profits will go towards printing a second issue.


  • Anyone who donates above the price of a copy (£2) will receive one.
  • Anyone who donates £10 will get a hand written note of thanks in their copy.
  • Anyone who donates £15 will get a hand written note of thanks and an extra short story as well as two copies of the anthology.

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This is where I will be putting updates about the project.

Help us succeed!

  • If you are a writer looking for somewhere to pitch.
  • If you are interested in coming to our launch party.
  • If you have any idea's

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