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Everyone has that itch, that curiosity to find out more. But will you like what you see?

An invitation into the Dark Web

We are raising money to fund an ambitious film project to run alongside an equally outlandish media campaign. A collaboration of marketing and film making to create a professional short film for our final year at University.

The Film- Ctrl

Jerry is a man on the edge of control. A sinister doorway conversation with a intimidating stranger sparks a journey of choice. He is given the option to regain normality by participating in a unknown game show. Once Jerry enters the game,he quickly realizes that he has gotten involved in something far greater than himself.


For our film we hope to run a marketing campaign, building to an online premier of the film.

Event- we will host an event where people are invited to play the game that will feature within the film, a game about choice. Participants will then be given a card inviting them to a website on the date that the film will be premiered, where they will have access to watch the film.

We will also release short and very ambiguous film clips, similar to style to Anonymous, famous hacker organisation.

Who are we?

Together, we are a small group of film, television and digital production students at bath spa university.

Our vision

In the next few months we hope to create a unique experience for audiences, immersing them in a fictional representation of the Dark Web.

Combining our collective knowledge of film making, marketing, gaming, and web design; we hope to formulate an experience that will include all elements and create an stand out visual experience for viewers.

All donations will go towards the production and marketing of this project, helping us push our ambition into reality.

Where will your money go?

The film - At the heart of this project there will be a short film, a fictional representation into the world of the dark web. Our minimum of £250 would allow us to confidently move forward with the project, but it will have greater production values and further-reaching potential with the backing of the full amount:

  • Renting equipment- £300
  • Actors- hire: £50 each (x3) £150
  • Travel- £60
  • Props- £40
  • Venue hire- £200
  • Expenses (food etc) - £50

Find us here

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XV-Productions-572283572937946/?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/productionsxv

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xv.productions/

All Help is welcome!

Any donations, big or small, will be received with gratification. Whether you can donate or not please share our fundraising page to your networks and help us reach our target. Thank you, we look forward to showing everyone what we can do together!

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