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This project received pledges on Sat 30 Jun 2018
Third year students from Bath School of Art and Design exhibit at the Oxo Bargehouse in London


CODA show is a collaborative exhibition at the OXO Bargehouse in London formed by soon to be graduates from Fine Art, Photography and Contemporary Arts Practice courses from Bath School of Art and Design.

Our fundraising team has already raised £200 with just one event, and all 49 artists have invested £200 towards the project. But we still need your help! We're still in need of £4,800 to cover extra expenses - such as a catalogue or marketing device which will commemorate the show, transporting both work and students from Bath to London, as well as providing a professional and enjoyable Private View evening.


This wonderful opportunity is a rare chance for a collection of 49 students to partake in a London exhibition to showcase our work that we have worked towards for our three year degree. The event is a wonderful culmination of a substantial amount of time, commitment, effort and hard work and will act as a platform for young creatives to launch their artistic careers.  The students are from Fine Art BA, Contemporary Arts BA, and Photography BA therefore the show will be varied with multidisciplinary practices, this variation is a great opportunity for one event to cover so many courses and include such a high number of students. Due to the nature of the School of Art and Design, we are fortunate that we already have the opportunity to put on the Degree Show at the university campus, however with a lack of London audience we, as contemporary artists, need to take the work to meet a specific audience. Fortunately by having the degree show also done here in Bath it means that by the time we take it to London it will be a well polished and executed show with all the kinks and logistical problems ironed out.


Victoria Ashdown, Hannah Ball, Hannah Beickhorasani, Jacqueline Bond, Katherine Bowen, Edward Brocklehurst, Shauna Browne, Hannah Butcher, Elliot Carey, Laura Carter, Jusefa Charlamow, Abigail Combs, Kelsey Cruz-Martin, Eleanor Dunning, Jake Elston, Loretta Foster, Pace Frith, Hugh Goodfellow, Faye Hadfield, Amelia Hart, William Hughes, Chise Iizuka, Kate Jupe, May Larkin, Lauren Lloyd- Evans, Shani McFarlane-Martin, Felicity McMahon, Elizabeth Membery, Bethany Morris, Harriet Poulter, Holly Nicholls, Alex Orton, Jacob Pruszynski, Rebecca-Louise Pudney, Elicia Ridley, Harriet Ritchings, Mariana Goncalves Sabio, Brook Simpson, Sally Taylor, Koji Tsukada, Nathan Vandevelde, Sacha Viney, Amber Ward, Lenka Wilkinson and Julia Zajac.


Bargehouse , Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London. Check out the Bargehouse link to take a peak at our exciting venue! Also see the event page. CODA will be open to the public from the 26th July - 29th July. Come and see us


One barrier that needs to be overcome is the cost for all the students to travel and stay in London. The location of Bargehouse is perfect for the show, with 5 floors for 7 days in London the venue hire is also incredibly reasonable and will act as an amazing launching pad for everyones artistic careers. However, most students will be coming from Bath or elsewhere and will therefore need to travel and stay in London to ensure we have a full team installing the show to make it the best it can possibly be. The other main area which the money will fund is the evening of the private view-which all donors will be invited to- in which we want to open the show with a bang. With funds, we would have the means to make this an incredible and memorable evening, becoming part of the OXO Bargehouse’s amazing location and reputation. And lastly, funds will help us with the marketing and advertising of this event. We would like to make either a catalogue or an alternative graphic pamphlet or map which will be a way of show casing and remembering the Bargehouse 2018 exhibition.


-Food and games night X2: £200

-Pub Quiz: £100

-Art sales: £250

-Bake sales: £120

- Drag Bingo Night: £400


- Venue hire (one week): £6600

- Damage Deposit: £1000 (Paid by Bath Spa University)

- Transport for artwork (van hire & petrol): £1000

- Printing costs (catalogues, private view invites, flyers, and posters): £1600

- Accommodation for 49 students: £4000

- Catering for the Private View: £1200

- Electricity: £350

-Security: £265

Note that some costs are exact and some have been estimated.


We have some really exciting rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. We want to give back to the lovely people who are supporting us.

We are currently in the exciting midst of putting on our Degree Show in Bath, and this will renew our drive to make CODA the best it can be. For updates follow:

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