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Our Project

Because of the generous support of alumni like you, we've been able to help over 500 students exceed their own expectations and realise their dreams. Whether that means being able to travel and study overseas, to purchase that out-of-reach instrument or piece of equipment, or to tackle unforeseen hardship, you have had a material and tangible impact on the opportunities of so many.

Students like Laura. The money she received not only helped her enhance her professional development, but she is also one of 200 applicants from 34 countries who has been selected for an arts residency taking place this summer. Laura couldn’t have done this without you.

Students like Bradley. The money he was awarded has enabled him to purchase musical equipment to enhance his studies and equip him for his future career (in fact, his music appears in our video!). Bradley couldn’t have done this without you.

Students like Eliza. As the only female on the Creative Music Technology course, she often felt 'a step behind' her colleagues. Your donations helped her to put on an exhibition project , highlighting her experience of gender disparity within her course. Eliza couldn’t have done this without you.

Whether it’s £5 or £5,000, donations help us ensure that Bath Spa students can make the most of their time here - and we can't do it without you!

Where will the money go?

Money donated will allow students to pursue and achieve various goals which would otherwise be unreachable for them, including:

  • work and study abroad
  • obtaining professional qualifications
  • producing films and art exhibitions
  • academic and research projects
  • purchasing equipment
  • overcoming financial hardship to complete their degrees
  • participating in extra-curricular activities, e.g. sports and clubs

Your donations will go towards students like Laura, Bradley and Eliza. All of whom have been greatly supported by generous alumni.

Previous gifts have helped us to support over 500 students. Your future support will help us realise the ambitions of many more.


Your donation, whatever the amount, makes a big difference - and it's important to us to say 'thank you!'

All of our donors will receive a personal thank you card, an original poem by 3rd year Creative Writing student and award recipient Marchant Barron , and will be included in our Donor Roll of Honour* . We have a few extra ways to say 'thank you' as well, so do check them out!

*Please let us know if you would like to remain anonymous.

Who We are

We're the Development and Alumni Relations Office. We keep you in touch with Bath Spa by sending out your e-newsletter and SPA magazine, letting you know about events, opportunities and more - and we're always happy to hear from you! Contact us at

We're also here to offer current students advice and support to help them take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to them at university. Our scholarships, bursaries and awards make a world of difference to the students they benefit - have a look at our video to meet just a few!

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Thank you So much for your support!

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