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A week long event inviting people on an individual journey through a trail of mindfulness activities

A short summary of your project

I am raising funds to cover the production costs of organising the Bath Mindfulness Trail. It is a week-long event in January (11/01/2021-17/01/2021) that takes place in several green locations of Bath. Participants will be given a digital map with coordinates by request. At each coordinate there will be a displayed QR code that will lead to audio and written directions for a mindfulness exercise accompanied by a specially designed soundscape. The access to the trail will be free for everyone with voluntary donations. After covering essential expenditures, the funds raised will be divided between a local mental health charity (Bath Mind tbc) and the participating sound artists.

Who are you?

I am a 3rd year Business Management and Dance student and I am very interested in experience design. In any project or idea I love connecting different elements and creating collaborations to come up with unique and surprising outcomes. All of my projects have an added artistic value at some level, whether that is sound, aesthetics or performance. I love having and discussing wild ideas. I am attracted to the unknown and the undiscovered.

Your story

This trail is aimed to provide a day for people to spend alone with themselves, their senses and feelings, and organize their thoughts through simple mindfulness exercises. These will allow to bring the awareness into their bodies and the presence which hopefully will resonate long after taking the trail. By the end of it the trail takers should feel inspired and very much alive with a greater ability to appreciate the presence. This event will provide mindfulness tools that can be taken away and applied in everyday life.

I believe mental (and physical) well-being is a very important topic in the current situation. These kinds of activities should be accessible to anyone no matter the age, background or financial situation. The city of Bath is abundant in stunning green areas that sometimes can be underappreciated in the everyday busyness. This event will re-establish the relationships between nature, the individual self and the presence.

These funds will help to carry out any technical and functional requirements involved as well as cover costs of the participating artists that will significantly raise the overall quality of the experience. If successful the event has potential for future development and can be transferred anywhere across the UK and beyond to help hundreds of individuals.

Where will the money go?

  • With the minimum required funding I will be able to provide only basic printed materials needed to promote the event.  
  • With the full funding target I will be able to have high quality poster prints and ensure higher quality technical aspects, such as soundscape design and audio directions carried out. Essentially it will allow me to pay all the talented people whose time and skills are precious. In addition I will be able to create merchandise/souvenirs/rewards for the trail takers and donate part to a local well-being charity (Bath Mind)
  • If I raise more funds than the target then I would put it towards another mindfulness project, possibly taking it beyond the area of Bath.
  • Project progress updates will be available weekly through social media channels and/or private newsletters.
  • Main costs: Printed marketing materials (posters, leaflets, QR Codes) in colour £100; Marketing campaign- printed advert in a local newspaper £75; Production costs £100-£500; Miscellaneous, logistics, transportation, stationery etc. £50


  • Anyone who donates any amount will receive full access to the map of locations, with an option to repeat the trail.
  • The program might be applied to several areas in Bath providing the variety and the opportunity to get to know other locations.
  • There will also be some incentives and rewards to be given out to trail takers throughout the week.
  • The Mindfulness Trail itself is an award for each individual.

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Help us succeed!

  • Your support will be highly appreciated! Please share this with your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who might benefit from this event. Please share the link on your social media and spread the well-being.
  • Please donate according to your availability. This event is free for everyone, that's especially why your donations and support are so important.
  • If you know of any other organisations or individuals who might be interested in a possible partnership or collaboration, please let us and them know.
  • If this event proves to be popular then it is more likely to be developed, repeated and taken elsewhere in the region.
  • Donors not living in Bath will receive the Mindfulness package that can be applied by choosing your own special secret spots out in the nature.
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