Bath Spa Clothes Swap

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Event focused on sustainability

A short summary of your project

We are hosting a clothes swapping event where Bath Spa students and staff have a platform to donate, swap or buy secondhand clothing.

We plan to showcase both Menswear, Womenswear and Accessories sourced from our own wardrobes, donations from students and local charity shops. Students have the chance to either trade an item they’ve brought or purchase an item at the event. We will also sell mystery boxes of clothing clearly labelled with sizing. 

Who are you?

We are Lewis Mantle, Eden Kear, Nicole O'Brien and Izzy Martin. We are all Bath Spa business students and have a keen interest in sustainable fashion 

Your story

We are running this event as part of our Creating Festivals and Events module, we had the choice to create whatever type of event we wanted. After brainstorming we struck on the idea of a clothes swap where students can trade or buy secondhand clothing at great prices. The event is centered around sustainability as this is something the four of us are all really interested in. 

Where will the money go?

Your money will go towards a number of key elements to the event such as:

  • Purchasing clothing!
  • Hiring of card readers and till system
  • Hiring of important equipment for the event like rails, hangers and mirrors
  • Covering travel costs 


  • Any donors who give above £1 will recieve an early bird pass for the event where they have first pick of stock
  • Any donors who give above £10 will recieve a mystery box of clothing or accessories

Find us here

We have an Instagram: BSU_Clothesswap

Help us succeed!

  • You need as many people as possible to be talking about our project
  • You don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project on social media with anyone you think would support us. Make sure to tag our Instagram @BSU_Clothesswap
  • We'd love it if you could make a donation to get our project off the ground. Please sponsor us and help make this happen.