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A 90 second film exploring the neurological phenomenon, synesthesia.

Myself and 3 other film students from Bath Spa University are creating a 90 second film inspired by synesthesia.  

The Film

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which the senses 'overlap'. The film tells the story of Emily, a girl who has synesthesia but feels somewhat isolated by it. When she enters the outside world her senses are heightened and overwhelming: tasting sounds, hearing colour and smelling emotions. We want to take you on Emily's journey with her through this enhanced world.  

who are we?

We are a group of second year Film, Television and Digital Production students from Bath Spa University - this is our first project during our second year of study. The group is made up of myself, Olivia (producer); George (scriptwriter), Ryan (DOP) and Lauren (director). 

Our story

We have been given the task to create a 90 second short film which could potentially be entered into the Depict Film Festival in Bristol. As we are a student group, we have no funding and therefore any donation would be immensely appreciated to help this project be the best it can be. 

where will the money go?

Costume: £30

Travel: £30

Catering: £40

Extras: paying cast

Any donation is greatly appreciated. Our funding will go towards travel, costume, catering, locations and overall help a smooth running of this production! We're all very passionate about this project and are so excited to get the opportunity to experiment and try something new and we think telling this story and sharing this experience is perfect for that. 


Our rewards include a first look at the final film and also a mention in the credits!

Please share! 

Any shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, emails, Instagram would be amazing - spread the word!!

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