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Make Art Great Again

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TRUMPED- Make Art Great Again!

2016 saw a lot of unexpected occurrences happen, the only word I could think of that would best describe 2016 would be ..'TRUMPED'. This feeling of being Trumped is something common in all of us, unless you're Donald of course. Trump, is the catalyst of such a major cultural experience of emotion, its fascinating that someone has produced such a huge emotional reaction around the world. This leads me to question our roles in society within the current state of affairs.

In the time of destruction we must create.

I am hoping to raise at least £450 to cover costs for the upcoming Art Exhibition called ''TRUMPED - Make Art Great Again''. The show will be located in the centre of Bath at 44AD, running from the 10th-16th of April. The exhibition will include artworks of socio-political, propaganda, Identity, protest and satire. )  - Call for artists - I'm looking for a few more artists to be involved, anyone can enter! £10 entry fee for 3 submitted works: Deadline 28-03-17 ( 2D works no bigger than A2 - 3D works no bigger than 50x50cm Any donation of £50+ will be selected as a sponsor (At Agreement). For Submissions or Enquiries contact - -

Where will the money go?

  • Venue hire (one week): £275
  • Travel (van hire & petrol): £25
  • Equipment (Plinths & material): £25
  • Printing costs: £50
  • Food and Drink: £75
  • If we go over our target that means the money will go towards the next Exhibition in Bristol


I currently study Contemporary Arts Practice at BathSpa University, in my final year. I also completed my Foundation Degree at Bournemouth Arts Institute. During my studies at BathSpa, in 1st year I won a photography competition called 'Wonderful Water', from this I was invited to an event called 'Hope 4 Apes' which was lead by David Attenborough, very insightful. In my 3rd year I was published in Adbusters Issue #127 Sep/Nov 2016, this issue ''takes on the rise of global fascism, exposing the symptoms of a sick and outdated system.'' Before Potus.

I find enjoyment in creating provocative work that dislocates, subvert and suggests that ‘the paradigm of disconnection that we live in has awoken our acts of denial, separation, power and control and are the leading authority of our social structure’.

This curious nature underlines that changing our habits need all of us to recognise and consider the acts and decisions we make and how these affect the issues we are all currently faced with our environment being slowly destroyed; the growing gloom of worldwide violence; and the governed predictability of human woe.

My goal is to elicit questions from the viewer on these issues, this generation and our society: what possibilities are we left with?

My dissertation title was '' Political Art: Is it still effective in today's society?"

Ai Weiwei also follows me on Twitter,  he said 'Hi' to me once.. I am yet to frame this encounter ...


Unity is the key, this is what we all need at this present time. There is a sense of uncertainty in the air across the UK, the US and in Europe.

The tectonic plates are shifting beneath us, but are they shifting out of control? The generation that follows us need to be steered in the right direction and it is down to us to be the driving force.

At this stage you may be thinking why does art have anything to do with this?

When we think of art we all have different opinions and representations of what art is and where it belongs. It’s important to understand the contrast between the historical events of the past in comparing them to now; this is because my general feeling and belief about today’s society are somewhat similar to the atmospheres and anxiety within the public realm, that of the past.  Art has played a major role in electing questions surrounding political matters. Art helps to build solidarity amongst people, across art movements and retains history that is often suppressed by the mainstream. (Fake news?...)

If you believe in equal rights, justice and environmental welfare then we'd really appreciate your support by donating towards the fund.

The longer term impact of your support will help with future ideas and progression.


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